Web application developer currently fluent in JS-based languages, Node and React. Flexible, adaptable critical thinker and quick study. Passionate about quality, maintainability, and reusability of code, bicycles, electronics, clothing, and everything else I own, use, or make; sustainability; the outdoors; music; cycling; the pursuit and advancement of knowledge.


PriceWaiter Bellingham, WA


October 2014-present
  • Researched and incorporated emerging web technologies and contributed ideas, architecture and strategy, as well as implementation, testing and support, to features across the full stack.
  • Shipped complete feature pilots that led to immediate conversions for existing customers and expanded our platform offering into new markets.
  • Researched, developed, delivered and maintained integrations with major online ERP and eCommerce systems.

SpringCM Chicago, IL

Solutions Software Engineer

July 2010-September 2013
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining customizations for major customers.
  • Designed and implemented a standardized, repeatable process and framework for building complex workflows on SpringCM's Advanced Workflow engine.
  • Based on experience with these monolithic apps and extensive use of SpringCM, identified missing features in the platform.
  • Developed customizations and SpringCM features from design through to training of our support team.
  • Wrote developer docs, code samples in various languages, and provided advanced support to client technical personnel.

Technical Support Representative

July 2008-July 2010
  • Served as the first technical point of contact for new customers, managing new implementations of SpringCM.
  • Guided customers through basic best practices and developed solutions using advanced features
  • Assisted in advanced training sessions for customers, partners, and new hires. Administrator

February 2008-July 2008
  • Immediately took over a customer billing system implemented in Excel; mastered it, then converted it to an app using the Salesforce API.
  • Designed and implemented a Salesforce organization, covering lead generation through billing, that has saw continuous use through years of growth and movement upmarket.
  • Hired full-time after five months, despite starting in a contract position with no Salesforce experience.

Northwestern University Advanced Media Production Studio Evanston, IL

Audio Recordist

  • Operated multi-channel Pro Tools recording setup for Northwestern's internal videography team, capturing School of Music opera and symphony performances.
  • Attended dress rehearsals to place microphones and set up sessions and operated recording equipment during performances.
  • In addition to providing audio for the video production team, recorded all performances for the School of Music archives.

Big House Casting & Audio Chicago, IL

Studio Engineer

  • Oversaw all technical aspects of voiceover recording sessions.
  • Edited, mixed and produced radio commercials and voiceover demos.
  • Specified and built two recording studios on a comically tight budget.
  • Maintained network, file storage and backup, studio and office computers, and Web presence for the studio and its clients.

Northwestern University Information Technology Evanston, IL

Residential Network Connector (ResCon)

  • Responded to support tickets submitted by students with computer problems, ranging from networking issues to severe malware infections.
  • Eradicated viruses and installed university-recommended malware protection before signing off on the computer to allow it back on the network.
  • Became intimate with the Windows XP registry and Safe Mode and developed a reputation with my supervisors for cleaning out infections while preserving user data when others would have given up.


FIRST Robotics Team 2605 "Seamonsters Robotics" Bellingham, WA

Mentor, Programming Team

  • Worked with the team to convert the program from C++ to Python, lowering the barrier for new programmers and enabling students to contribute to and benefit from a nationwide developer community.
  • Fostered an open-source, collaborative spirit in a team that had previously been dominated by the individual knowledge and efforts of a few students.
  • Worked with the team to choose new student leaders each year and wrote awards recommendations for exceptional team members.

FIRST Robotics Team 3711 "The Iron Mustangs" Trout Lake, WA


  • Mentored high school students at a tiny rural school (my alma mater) that has fielded nationally competitive robotics teams.
  • Challenged myself by dusting off my C++ as well as in teaching coding to high schoolers at widely varied skill levels.
  • Supported and guided students on all aspects of the robot project: coding, design, strategy, time management and prioritization.


Northwestern University Evanston, IL

Bachelor of Arts, Radio/Television/Film

Class of 2006
  • Studied and practiced film production with an emphasis on sound design.
  • Completed Fundamentals of Computer Programming, which began my fascination with code.
  • Served as producer for the electronic music format at WNUR-FM.
  • Maintained a 3.6 GPA.


  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL/REST API design
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Linux/UNIX
  • SOLO Wilderness First Aid 16hr/BCLL WFA for Mountain Bikers 30hr certifications
  • Drums, bass and guitar
  • Recording and audio production
  • Bicycle assembly and maintenance