Flexible, adaptable, critical thinker and quick study; interested in quality, longevity, reusability and maintainability applied to code, as well as to bicycles, electronics, clothing, and everything else I own, use, or make. Passionate about sustainability, the outdoors, music, bicycles, rock climbing, and the pursuit and advancement of knowledge.

Seeking a position where I can contribute and develop my skills in a collaborative, developer-friendly environment.


Trout Lake School District/Team 3711 "The Iron Mustangs"

Programming Mentor

  • Mentored high school students at a tiny rural school (my alma mater) that has fielded nationally competitive robotics teams.
  • Challenged myself by dusting off my C++ as well as in teaching coding to high schoolers at widely varied skill levels.
  • As a mentor on a very small team, supported and guided students on all aspects of the robot project: coding, design, strategy, time management and prioritization.


Solutions Software Engineer

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining customizations for major customers.
  • Designed and implemented a standardized, repeatable process and framework for building complex workflows on SpringCM's Advanced Workflow engine.
  • Based on experience with these monolithic apps and extensive use of SpringCM, identified missing features in the platform.
  • Developed customizations and SpringCM features from design through to training of our support team.
  • Wrote developer docs, code samples in various languages, and provided advanced support to client technical personnel.

Technical Support Representative

  • Served as the first technical point of contact for new customers, managing new implementations of SpringCM.
  • Guided customers through basic best practices and developed solutions using advanced features
  • Assisted in advanced training sessions for customers, partners, and new hires. Administrator

Early 2008
  • Immediately took over a customer billing system implemented in Excel; mastered it, then converted it to an app using the Salesforce API.
  • Designed and implemented a Salesforce organization, covering lead generation through billing, that has seen continued use through five years of growth and movement upmarket.
  • Hired full-time after five months, despite starting in a contract position with no Salesforce experience.

Northwestern University Advanced Media Production Studio

Audio Recordist

  • Operated multi-channel Pro Tools recording setup for Northwestern's internal videography team, capturing School of Music opera and symphony performances.
  • Attended dress rehearsals to place microphones and set up sessions and operated recording equipment during performances.
  • In addition to providing audio for the video production team, recorded all performances for the School of Music archives.

Big House Casting & Audio

Studio Engineer

  • Oversaw all technical aspects of voiceover recording sessions.
  • Edited, mixed and produced radio commercials and voiceover demos.
  • Specified and built two recording studios on a comically tight budget.
  • Maintained network, file storage and backup, studio and office computers, and Web presence for the studio and its clients.

Northwestern University Information Technology

Residential Network Connector (ResCon)

  • Responded to support tickets submitted by students with computer problems, ranging from networking issues to severe malware infections.
  • Eradicated viruses and installed university-recommended malware protection before signing off on the computer to allow it back on the network.
  • Became intimate with the Windows XP registry and Safe Mode, and developed a reputation with my supervisors for cleaning out infections without resorting to HD wipe/Windows reinstall when others would have given up.


Northwestern University

Bachelor of Arts, Radio/Television/Film

Class of 2006
  • Studied and practiced film production with an emphasis on sound design.
  • Completed Fundamentals of Computer Programming, which began my fascination with code.
  • Served as producer for the electronic music format at WNUR-FM.
  • Maintained a 3.6 GPA.


  • C#
  • T-SQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ruby
  • MVC, MVP, and similar patterns
  • Test-driven development
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Drums, bass and guitar
  • Recording and audio production
  • Bicycle assembly and maintenance


Engineering of all kinds. Playing, writing, and recording music. Building my own gear. Riding and working on bicycles. Skiing, rock climbing, and being outside. FIRST Robotics. Quality.